Self Managed Super Funds (smfs)


 Almost everybody has money invested in a superannuation fund, for some people it maybe in several funds. This investment represents 9.5% of our annual income and in most cases you have very little control over how this money is invested. A solution to this problem maybe a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). We have relationships with Financial Planners that can review your situation and determine if this strategy may work for you.  

Self-managed superannuation is one of the fastest growing areas in the superannuation arena. Contributing money into superannuation has great tax advantages and a SMSF can complement your existing business structure.

Some Tax Advantages of SMSF include;


  • Greater control over investment of retirement funds
  • Lower tax rate of 15%
  • Access to capital gains tax concessions
  • Tax free pensions

 SMSF are required to prepare annual financial statements and tax returns just like other entities. In addition the accounts must be audited every year by a registered super fund auditor to ensure they comply with their regulatory requirements. We can arrange these compliance requirements for you. 

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