xero accounting software

Are you a small business owner who has no time to do your books or have no idea how to?

 GTA Bookkeeping Gold Coast has been searching for along time to find an accounting program that can help save their clients time and money, and have finally found XERO. Xero is a great online accounting solution that both you, your bookkeeper and your accountant can access at the same time in real time. 

 Some of the Best Features of Xero   

  • Xero integrates with your bank account and directly feeds bank transactions in to your accounting system. This is done once by either simply entering your internet banking details or completing a form. 
  • Payroll is simple to process and can feed directly from employee timesheets.
  • The bank reconciliation process is smart. Xero will look through your sales invoices to try and match your bank deposits or purchase invoices to your bank withdrawals.
  • When you open Xero you are open to a customised snap shot of your business. You can see your bank balances, debtors, creditors and any other items you want to track without needing to click a button.
  • Xero, does not limit the number of users that can access your file nor does it charge extra for additional users. Their price is per data file, not user.


Many of our clients have never done bookkeeping before and can use this accounting system with ease. 

Xero really is the world’s easiest accounting software. If you want to learn more about this great program contact us on (07) 5502 7694.